Join us in making a difference!

At the Cool To Be Kind To Animals project we have one aim. We want everyone to be kind to animals – all kinds of animals. That’s not so hard is it?

It makes us sad when we see animal cruelty or neglect at work and in the media. So we decided to do something about it. We believe that educating young people in a fun and interactive way is the key.

We believe that by helping to produce a generation of responsible animal lovers and pet owners we can reduce the number of incidents of animal cruelty in the future. If we can encourage young people to develop a level of empathy for animals then they are less likely to be cruel.

The plan

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and this blog will be key to creating an online community of vets, vet nurses, animal behaviour specialists, teachers and animal lovers, some of whom will hopefully become future CTBK Ambassadors.

They will be a place to share ideas and information about the project as well as fun places where both professionals and young people can share photos of animals and pets and any other interesting or fun animal-related content.

As the project grows we hope to utilise the skills and expertise of the professionals in the CTBK community to write guest blogs, create lesson plans and to run community sessions that will enable young people and the wider community to interact with pets and other animals and learn about animal behaviour.

Get involved

The CTBK project is in its early stages and needs your help to grow into a successful animal care educational movement.  To get involved, to help us stamp out animal cruelty and neglect and for regular updates, please share this article and follow us on Facebook and Twitter:

As a CEO of Lort Smith Animal Hospital and Shelter and a pet owner, I am excited to be involved in the Cool To Be Kind To Animals project.  I believe that with your support, a project like this really can help to reduce the instances of animal cruelty and neglect in Australia and help to create a generation of more responsible pet owners.

Liz Walker – CEO of Lort Smith Animal Hospital, Melbourne and the Cool To Be Kind To Animals project manager

Photographs in this blog entry © Lort Smith Animal Hospital